Success Stories


FH+H Helps Secure Export License for Defense Contractor

August 24, 2018

FH+H recently helped a defense contractor export sensitive defense articles to the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. 

The contractor was selected by a strategic U.S. ally to provide such articles and required assistance with navigating the regulatory hurdles that it faced.

Leveraging its experience and relationships in the export compliance arena, FH+H coordinated with the Department of State and the Department of Defense to help ensure that an export license was issued, and that the license's provisos both protected U.S. national security interests and allowed FH+H's client to satisfy its contractual obligations overseas.

"U.S. hardware and services remain in high demand across the Middle East and North Africa," FH+H International Trade + Transactions Partner Adam Munitz said. "And we will always utilize every skill we have to expedite their delivery and grow our clients' international footprints, all while preserving their compliance with U.S. laws and regulations."

FH+H Defends Military Reservist Who Was Denied Promotions

August 24, 2018

In a case brought by federal law enforcement officers against their employers, Partner Kevin Byrnes, Senior Associate Samuel Adelmann, and Associate Rachel Leahey filed several actions and appeals against a federal agency for consistently mistreating Military Reservists on promotional and career advancement opportunities within the agency.

FH+H lawyers have argued that numerous Reservists in the agency were subject to anti-military animus and subject to retaliation and reprisal after he submitted evidence establishing what they submitted claims under USERRA (Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act).

The supervisors against whom the clients brought the complaint repeatedly failed to promote them, investigated the employees for making complaints and assigned the employees menial assignments

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Client Denied Promotion in Ethnic and Religious Discrimination Case

August 24, 2018

FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes and Senior Associate Samuel Adelmann are currently litigating a case of ethnic and religious discrimination for a federal employee who was denied a promotion.

The client, who is of Mexican descent, was repeatedly attacked because of her ethnicity. For example, on the first day of her employment, she found an oversized sombrero in her office.

The employee was then passed over for promotion, for a position to which she was eminently qualified for an employee who claimed to be a clergy member, and who ministered to the recommending supervisor, who apparently shared his religious faith.

During the discovery phase of the case, it was further revealed that the selectee and the recommending supervisor had exchanged emails professing their love for one another.

The case is currently being litigated before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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FH+H Assists Employees with Disabilities Seeking Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

August 24, 2018

FH+H lawyers are helping two employees seek reasonable accommodations in the workplace in response to allegations that their employer had been punishing the clients for disabilities related to traumatic brain injury.

Our firm filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requiring the employer to remove derogatory comments from the two employees’ performance reviews that reference their disabilities.

FH+H is also seeking reasonable accommodations in the workplace, including telecommuting, use of an electronic calendar, written instructions for work issues, allowances for the employees to make medical appointments, and the implementation of quiet spaces in the workplace.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Prevails in Discrimination Case Involving Federal Employee

August 22, 2018

A federal employee was cleared of all allegations of wrongdoing, including creating a hostile work environment and misuse of government equipment, after FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes presented evidence that religious discrimination was the motivating factor behind complaints by fellow employees.

The client, a practicing Muslim, is a former Marine and converted to Islam when he served in combat in Afghanistan. In his civilian position, he participated in daily prayers, grew a beard, and supported the local Mosque and the Islamic community on the military installation where he worked.

Relying on strained accusations that the employee was too harsh on subordinates and created a “hostile work environment”, subordinates made allegations that the employee had engaged in misuse of government equipment, threats, and harassment. The employee was recommended for suspension and placed under investigation by the Inspector General.

Mr. Byrnes’ opposed the personnel action and the IG inquiry. In submissions to the agency, Mr. Byrnes presented compelling evidence that the employee had been subject to discrimination, harassment, and reprisal for his religious practices. Thanks to Mr. Byrnes, the employee was cleared of all claims of wrongdoing by the Inspector General. His proposed adverse action was mitigated, nevertheless, believing there was no basis for any charge, Mr. Byrnes filed an EEO claim for the employee, which is pending.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Defends U.S. Army Doctor Against Being Fired

August 22, 2018

FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes successfully defended a U.S. Army civilian doctor against a termination action by his agency, by establishing that the doctor’s medical condition was responsible for what had been perceived as misconduct and by showing that the agency had engaged in numerous due process and procedural violations in bringing its action.  

Rather than being fired, the client received a minor punishment for what was in effect an oversight on certain travel submissions and was cleared of more extensive charges of fraud and false statement.  He also preserved his medical license and referred his own treatment to the Inspector General.

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FH+H Files Contract Appeals at Court of Federal Claims and the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) for Client

August 22, 2018

The FH+H Government Contracts team, including Partner Milt Johns and Associate Rachel Leahey, filed two appeals on behalf of a client, one at the Court of Federal Claims, and the other at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA). Both appeals involve the same client and same contracting office but different contract vehicles.

The appeal to the Court of Federal Claims seeks funds in excess of $6 million related to two requests for equitable adjustment (REAs) that were denied by the contracting officer. The appeal to the ASBCA involves a request for contract interpretation related to a unilateral delivery schedule imposed on the client by the contracting officer.

FH+H Protest Efforts Restore Client to Competitive Range in Procurement

August 22, 2018

Thanks to the help of FH+H attorneys, a government contractor client became eligible for an award after initially being excluded from the competition. The client then won the contract after entering into negotiations with the government.

A client that submitted a bid to a federal agency was notified by that agency that they had been excluded from the competitive range in the procurement and would not be eligible for an award.

The Government Contracts team at FH+H, including Partner Milt Johns and Law Clerk Emily Spence, filed a protest on the client’s behalf, in response to which the agency agreed to reinstate the client to the competitive range.

The client participated in the negotiations and submitted revised pricing, ultimately winning the contract.

Managing Partner Tom Craig Prepares Client for Senate Testimony

August 02, 2018

Managing Partner Tom Craig provided legal counsel to an individual who was requested to provide testimony to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Mr. Craig effectively counseled and prepared the client for testimony.

FH+H’s Government Investigations team holds high-level security clearances and includes a former Associate White House Counsel, former prosecutors, and former public defenders all with extensive experience defending against government investigations.

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FH+H Team Negotiates Eight-Figure Subcontract for Design of US Army Vessel

August 02, 2018

FH+H attorneys, including Managing Partner Tom Craig and Senior Associate Marlena Ewald, successfully assisted a marine engineering and architecture firm in a complex intellectual property rights issue.

With the help of Mr. Craig and Ms. Ewald, the client was able to negotiate an eight-figure subcontract to design a new vessel for use by the US army.

The FH+H Government Contracts team is able to guide contractors through a maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success. Read about the group here.