Success Stories


Partner Milt Johns Wins Five-Figure Trial Judgment For Clients With Mold-Damaged Property

July 11, 2018

FH+H Partner Milt Johns won a five-figure judgment at trial in state court on behalf of clients whose personal property was damaged by mold.

After living in a rental property for nine months, Mr. Johns’ clients discovered a large amount of mold had damaged some of their personal items as well as rendered the place uninhabitable.

With the help of Mr. Johns, the clients filed for damages and won a five-figure judgment when the matter was heard in court.

FH+H’s Litigation and Investigations practice group can handle all aspects of dispute resolution. Read about the team’s experience and capabilities here.

Client Awarded Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract

July 11, 2018

In response to a protest FH+H filed at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on behalf of a client, the Department of Health and Human Services has agreed to take voluntary corrective action and award our client an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract.

The FH+H Government Contracts team, including Partner Milt Johns and Associate Rachel Leahey, guides middle-market government contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success, now and in the future. 

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FH+H Helps Resolve Arcane Emoluments Issue for Client

June 06, 2018

The FH+H International Trade and Transactions team successfully obtained resolution from U.S. government investigating agencies regarding an arcane emoluments issue.

The case involved research and counsel from Managing Partner Tom Craig, Partner Jennifer Huber, Partner Dave Jonas, and Counsel Andy Turley.

Read about FH+H’s International Trade and Transactions group here.

FH+H Defends Client in Senate Foreign Relations Committee Investigation

June 06, 2018

FH+H Partners Jennifer Huber and Adam Munitz and the Government Investigations team represented a high-profile client with respect to a Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigation.

FH+H’s Government Investigations attorneys hold high-level security clearances and includes former Associates White House Counsel, former prosecutors, and former public defenders all with extensive experience defending against government investigations.

Read more about our Government Investigations Practice Group here.

FH+H Defends FBI Whistleblower before Congress

June 06, 2018

Partner Kevin Byrnes assisted an FBI Intelligence Analyst who resigned from his position after being harassed for reporting a lack of concern by the Agency over possible terrorist activity in the Balkans.

Since there is no legislation that allows FBI personnel to pursue whistleblower claims in any judicial or administrative forum, the only remedy for a whistleblower is to appeal the matter to the Bureau or seek Congressional intervention.

In this instance, the whistleblower resigned his position after a prolonged effort to first silence him, then impose discipline, and finally attack his security clearance.

After the employee was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Agency, he resigned under protest of a hostile work environment.

Mr. Byrnes assisted the employee in drafting a comprehensive letter detailing the employee’s concerns about the resurgence of terrorist groups in the Balkans. The matter is subject to Congressional inquiry at this time.

FH+H Negotiates Hard-Fought Resolution to Race- and Disability-Based Discrimination

June 06, 2018

In a matter involving an Equal Employment Opportunity failure to provide a reasonable accommodation claim against a component of the Department of Justice, Partner Kevin Byrnes and Senior Associate Samuel Adelmann successfully negotiated the resolution of a race- and disability-based claim involving the denial of telecommuting and other accommodations to a disabled veteran.

The agency initially denied any misconduct and litigated the case aggressively until the eve of a hearing before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Upon submission of initial discovery, the agency agreed to a settlement that also involved payment of attorneys’ fees and emotional distress damages.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Defends Property Owner with Brain Inflammation Caused by Adjoining Building’s Construction

June 06, 2018

In a case involving a property owner who suffered brain inflammation due to an error in the neighboring building’s redevelopment, FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes and his client obtained a six-figure verdict against the developer who negligently discharged water on the owner’s property, which resulted in harmful mold growth.

Medical testimony established that the client suffered brain inflammation and loss of employment due to mold that developed from a broken waterspout, which the developer failed to correct despite several complaints from the homeowner.

Mr. Byrnes presented physical evidence and medical testimony at trial to prove the mold was caused by the activities of the developer, and he established wage loss as well as pain and suffering on the homeowners’ behalf, which led the court to impose punitive damages of approximately twice the compensatory damages.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Protects Executive’s Position in Age Discrimination Case

June 05, 2018

In an age discrimination suit that was resolved through mediation, FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes  obtained a highly favorable settlement that addressed the issue of whether the executive should be treated as an employee under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), rather than an agent or independent contractor.  

After successfully arguing that the individual, who also served as the general counsel of the organization, worked primarily as an employee, the parties agreed to a severance compensation package and lifetime achievement award.

Mr. Byrnes effectively presented evidence that the termination violated the District of Columbia Human Rights Act. The matter was settled after federal suit was filed.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Protects Army Physician from Unauthorized Termination

June 05, 2018

FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes successfully represented an army physician who suffered a traumatic brain injury against job termination for errors in travel submissions.

In an action involving an experienced physician who suffered a work-related injury, Mr. Byrnes blunted an effort to terminate the physician based on issues related to the physician’s recall of events, which was affected by his traumatic brain injury that occurred in a workplace-related accident.

Mr. Byrnes successfully argued that the conduct was related to the physical impairment, and the employer should mitigate punishment, since the conduct was disability related and out of the ordinary for what was otherwise an unblemished career.

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Partner Kevin Byrnes Helps Contest Improper Fitness for Duty Examination

June 05, 2018

FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes helped a federal law enforcement agent reach settlement in a case involving the agent’s supervisor subjecting them to an improper fitness for duty examination.

The client said their supervisor made inappropriate comments about when the client would retire. When the client protested the comments, the supervisor retaliated, which culminated in the improper fitness for duty examination.

The supervisor argued that the client has a physical injury that made them unable to do their job. It was decided, however, that the client’s physical injury was not incapacitating.

The client argued to the EEOC that the examination violated the Rehabilitation Act and was part of a retaliatory scheme.

During the pendency of the claims, the agent reached mandatory retirement. The supervisor then settled for backpay and a partial payment of attorney’s fees.