Robert J. Best II

Other Professional

Mr. Best is an IT professional who serves as manager, advisor, and support technician for FH+H. With over eight years of professional experience in both the private and public sectors, R.J. brings a very unique set of skills to the firm. His background in IT began at a young age. IT has consistently served as part of almost every position Mr. Best has held. He brings his passion for IT to his position with the firm.

Public service has always been a personal and professional priority throughout R.J.’s life. He is a volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician with a local Fire & Rescue Department. Recently R.J. has begun to serve as an advocate for the Prince William County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program. The CASA program is part of a nationally recognized organization that provides objective representation to children who have been victim to abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Advocates are assigned cases and are responsible for serving an oversight role representing the best interests of the child.

Mr. Best has four years of public sector experience, with a focus in federal aviation security and Law Enforcement. He has served several roles to include incident management & operations, program analysis, and behavior detection. R.J. has also served as a Communications Officer for a state Law Enforcement Agency. He has over four years of combined customer service experience spanning from his humble retail beginnings to functioning in a department management and oversight role with a pilot demographic-research sales model for a large international electronics retailer.

  • Technical Consultant, Dumire Technologies Inc.
  • Emergency Coordinator I, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Program Analyst, Transportation Security Administration
  • Incident Command & Security Operations, Transportation Security Administration
  • Technical Certification Courses, George Mason University
  • Emergency Medical Technician, State of Virginia
  • Operational Medical Director Licensure Endorsement, Prince William County, Virginia
  • Firefighter I/II, State of Virginia 
  • National Association of EMTs
  • Virginia State Firefighter's Association
  • National Emergency Number Association