FH+H Attorneys Close a Multi-Million Dollar OTA

FH+H attorneys, including Partner Jennifer Huber and Senior Associate Marlena Ewald, helped close a multi-million dollar Other Transaction Agreement for a unique prototype project with the U.S. Government.

Other Transaction Agreement, or Other Transaction Authority, (OTA) contracts give the Department of Defense the ability to move forward with certain prototype and research projects without going through the traditional acquisition process, which can take years to complete. 10 U.S.C. § 2371b.

“Instead of undergoing a more rigid procurement process with the potential risk of a protest, OTAs allow for a much quicker and flexible avenue of procurement,” Ms. Huber said. “Contractors are able to innovate and create with today’s technology, not the technology of years ago when the solicitation process was started.”

The FH+H Government Contracts team is able to guide contractors through the applicable rules and regulations related to OTAs and other contracts in order to enable corporate success. Read about the group here.