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FH+H Founder Teaches How to Successfully Start a Law Firm

November 09, 2017

FH+H Founder Joe Fluet discussed how to successfully start and manage a law firm at his "Legal Entrepreneurship Lunch and Learn" on Nov. 8.

Watch a recording of the presentation below or on our YouTube channel, and follow along the PowerPoint presentation by viewing the slides here.

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Value Levers of Growth for a Successful GovCon Firm

November 02, 2017

FH+H hosted speaker Sarah Djamshidi from HighTower Advisors for "Set the Table for Success: FY2018 Growth Strategies for GovCon Companies" on Nov. 2. 

Ms. Djamshidi provided market-based data to help determine how to successfully grow a government contracting firm using short- and long-term plans.

Watch the webinar below, or see the recording on our YouTube channel.

FH+H Protects International Trademark

October 27, 2017
For the second month in a row, FH+H Partner Craig Guthery settled an international trademark dispute for a long-time client with an international presence.
Having initially obtained trademark registration of the client’s company name in Australia (among many other countries around the globe), Mr. Guthery enforced the mark against an infringing Australian company who claimed to have registered the same mark through a dubious broker and was using it to compete with FH+H’s client in the marketplace. 
Mr. Guthery led the negotiation of a settlement that resulted in the abandonment of the mark by the competitor and required no involvement by Australian or U.S. courts.

Partner Milt Johns Successfully Represents Whistleblower in $2.6 Million Settlement

October 20, 2017

FH+H Partner Milt Johns and a small team of attorneys represented a whistleblower in a significant and successful False Claims Act dispute with a large government contractor.

The Department of Justice intervened in the case, and eventually the matter settled for $2.6 million. The prosecution of the matter involved two successful arguments before the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Contractors must be held accountable for their actions, especially when the safety of government personnel is at stake,” Dana J. Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (where the suit was filed), said in a WTOP article. “This settlement should remind contractors of the high value we place on safeguarding our personnel abroad.”

Mr. Johns and FH+H are leaders in the subject matter, representing whistleblowers and defending individuals and companies wrongly accused in False Claims Act cases.



"ITAR & EAR Awareness" webinar with Partner Milt Johns and Senior Associate Adam Munitz

October 19, 2017

FH+H Partner Milt Johns and Senior Associate Adam Munitz discussed export control during their "GOVCON University: ITAR & EAR Awareness" webinar, which was livestreamed to our Facebook page on Oct. 19.

Watch the webinar below, or see the recording on our YouTube channel. Follow along with the PowerPoint slides by viewing them here.

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Senior Counsel Dean Popps Discusses National Security and Rare Earth Elements

October 11, 2017

FH+H Senior Counsel Dean Popps, who formerly served as US Army Acquisition Executive, discusses the future of US national security in an op-ed piece for Scout Warrior titled “US Military Needs Rare Earth Elements for Future Wars.”

Mr. Popps explains that every one of the current and next round of “super and unimaginable” military weapons relies on rare earth elements (REEs), to which the US does not have domestic access.

“After 25 years of misguided US globalization policies, our Achilles heel will be our failure to domestically source REEs, for which we are wholly reliant on one of our primary adversaries: China,” Mr. Popps said in the article.

Mr. Popps goes on to describe the US’ history of national security and discuss what he thinks the government must do today to establish a coherent rare earth policy to end our dependence on China.

Read the full article here.

Partner Craig Guthery Protects Client's Intellectual Property

October 02, 2017

After swiftly and aggressively pressing an infringement claim against the foreign owners of a mobile telephone application on behalf of a domestic client, FH+H Partner Craig Guthery successfully convinced the owners to remove their infringing app from the United States’ largest online app store. 

Mr. Guthery’s vigorous efforts to protect the client’s intellectual property resulted in total and immediate compliance by the foreign infringing party without resort to litigation.



FH+H Named Finalist for 2017 Moxie Award

September 29, 2017

FH+H is pleased to announce that our firm has been named a finalist for the 2017 Moxie Award, which celebrates boldness in business.

Our firm was evaluated on innovation, growth, industry leadership, community service, and local achievements.

“I want to congratulate our team for enabling us to be recognized as among the boldest and most innovative organizations in the D.C. metro community,” FH+H Managing Partner Tom Craig said.

Finalists were recently announced by Katie Jordan, the 2017 Moxie Award executive chairwoman.

“We received an unprecedented number of entries,” Jordan said. “We look forward to revealing the winners at the 2017 Moxie Award celebration on Nov. 8 at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner.”

A complete list of finalists can be found at

Jury Consultant Discusses the Psychology of Being a Witness at Lunch Seminar

September 28, 2017

Justin Bieber. An experienced doctor. Bill Gates.

What do these individuals have in common? They make for great examples of what not to do as a witness during trial, according to experienced jury consultant Rachel York Colangelo.

Magna Legal Services visited The Forge at FH+H on Sept. 27 for a “Witness Communication Training” lunch with its National Managing Director of Jury Consulting, Dr. Colangelo, leading discussion.

Dr. Colangelo discussed how to properly prepare a witness for deposition and trial, including how to encourage a witness' best performance in front of the jury.

“Teaching the witness to think of themselves as educators – whether they are an expert or not – often helps,” Dr. Colangelo said. “So, rather than being upset at what they may think is an inappropriate question by opposing counsel, the witness should calmly take a breath, turn to the jury, and act like a professor – educate the jury.”

Properly preparing witnesses is crucial, according to Dr. Colangelo, because they are the key storytellers for a case during trial.

“As trial attorneys, your goal should be to tell a compelling story to the jury, and it’s not always easy to do when witnesses don’t understand, ‘What is the story here?’, ‘What’s the bigger picture?’, or ‘Where do I fit in?’,” Dr. Colangelo said.

During the lunch seminar, Dr. Colangelo showed video examples of witnesses who perhaps hadn’t been trained properly for trial, including an uncooperative Justin Bieber, a rambling doctor, and a combative Bill Gates.

Magna LS offers in-person and online witness prep services, as well as other work such as in-person and online jury focuse groups/mock trials, voir dire and jury selection assistance, graphics design, translation and interpretation, and more.

FH+H's International Trade & Transactions Team Explores FCPA Compliance in Webinar

September 26, 2017

FH+H Partner Jennifer Huber and Senior Associate Adam Munitz participated in a Strafford Publications webinar titled “Drafting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance Provisions in Cross-Border Distribution Agreements” on September 20th.

Ms. Huber and Mr. Munitz provided 10 recommendations on specific anti-corruption verbiage that should be included in all cross-border distribution agreements.

“Whenever conducting business overseas, and particularly in emerging markets, corruption and non-compliance with the FCPA are significant risks,” Ms. Huber said. “We are always happy to leverage our experience in cross-border transactions to help businesses navigate these risks.”

Ms. Huber and Mr. Munitz were joined on the webinar by senior practitioners in New York and Washington, DC. See more information about the webinar and its participants here.

FH+H’s team of attorneys advises domestic and international entities on how to conduct lawful and ethical transactions in some of the most complex, emerging economies in the world. Read more about FH+H’s International Trade and Transactions practice.