March 09, 2017

Business Owner Sherpa Services

A Service for successful Government Contractor Firms and Their Owners 

FH+H is teaming up with High Tower Securities to provide Business Owner Sherpa Services. Do you know what it takes to be in the top 7% of CEOs that are satisfied with the outcome of their businesses? 78% of business owners are dissatisfied with their exit and 50% of M&A transactions fail.


Business Owner Sherpa Services offers a customized progress map that you can initiate at any stage of ownership. Our mission is to ensure that you obtain the maximum net value of your life’s work. Our owner- directed process combines personal financial planning with business planning. We collaborate with you to create a progress plan that aligns your vision and goals.

As fiduciaries, we find solutions that are in your best interest and strive to position you for success at any stage of business ownership. Whether you are new to the life of a CEO or identify as a serial entrepreneur, we arm you with the power and competitive advantages to take control of your future.

Business Owner Sherpa differentiators

  • Owner-led consultation and services
  • Customization and choice
  • Business valuation and growth assessment
  • Holistic, comprehensive, long-term strategies
  • Competent, trustworthy professionals driven by the Fiduciary Standard
  • Transaction counsel experienced in market and industry conditions

Who we serve

We serve the evolving needs of elite Government Contracting entrepreneurs, successful business owners and enlightened CEOs who are ready to win.

We invite CEO’s at any stage of business ownership to engage. Our initial meetings focus on your goals and objectives and our work includes finding the best possible customized solutions to help achieve your goals.

Customizable Options

  • Consultation at every stage. You deserve the same individualized attention that you give your business and customers. We avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’approach.
  • Your path to success. From your next business venture through retirement, we help you pursue your goals for all phases of your life.
  • The right time. Whether you anticipate transitioning in 2 years or 15, you determine the timeline while we help optimize processes to help you benchmark and accomplish your goals.
  • Progress mapping. Our combined approach to planning integrates your personal timeline and goals with your business needs, outlining a clear progress toward the future you envision. 
  • Business valuation assessment. Know what your business is worth, how this impacts future scenarios, and what you can do today that could enhance your business and help maintain control of your options.


Securities are offered through HighTower Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC/MSRB. HighTower Advisors, LLC is a SEC registered investment adviser. 

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