FH+H Defends FBI Whistleblower before Congress

Partner Kevin Byrnes assisted an FBI Intelligence Analyst who resigned from his position after being harassed for reporting a lack of concern by the Agency over possible terrorist activity in the Balkans.

Since there is no legislation that allows FBI personnel to pursue whistleblower claims in any judicial or administrative forum, the only remedy for a whistleblower is to appeal the matter to the Bureau or seek Congressional intervention.

In this instance, the whistleblower resigned his position after a prolonged effort to first silence him, then impose discipline, and finally attack his security clearance.

After the employee was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Agency, he resigned under protest of a hostile work environment.

Mr. Byrnes assisted the employee in drafting a comprehensive letter detailing the employee’s concerns about the resurgence of terrorist groups in the Balkans. The matter is subject to Congressional inquiry at this time.

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