FH+H Helps GovCon Client Collect More Than $100,000 in Unpaid Invoices

FH+H Partner Milt Johns successfully helped a government subcontractor collect more than $100,000 in unpaid invoices from their prime contractor after sending a single demand letter.

The client, who had worked on a government contract as a subcontractor, was owed more than $100,000 from their prime contractor. After failed attempts to collect on the owed invoices, the client contacted FH+H for advice on the best way to claim the money owed to them.

FH+H drafted and sent a demand letter to the prime contractor on our client’s behalf, and the contractor promptly paid all owed invoices, saving our client from incurring any litigation costs in resolving the dispute.

FH+H has a robust Government Contracts practice group that is able to guide contractors through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable corporate success.

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