FH+H Successfully Settles LLC Business Dispute in One-Day Mediation

FH+H Partner Kevin Byrnes and Senior Associate Samuel Adelmann successfully mediated the resolution of a dispute involving LLC members who had a falling out over the operation of a restaurant that had earned a national award for the authenticity of its food and decor.

In what could have been a contorted and prolonged case between former business partners, Mr. Byrnes and Mr. Adelmann were able to secure a favorable settlement in one day that ended an acrimonious dispute and allowed the litigants to go their separate ways while avoiding the time and expense of a protracted trial that could have jeopardized the continuity of the business. Instead, the parties concluded on a buyout that left the reputation and standing of the business intact, while allowing the minority member to have their interest purchased at an amount agreeable to them.

Both the mediator and the clients expressed gratitude for the efforts of FH+H lawyers. The managing members immediately commented that they felt a heavy burden had been lifted and were happy to put the matter behind them.

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