Intellectual Property Explained with Google (Infographic)

No Need to Google “IP”

The different types and classifications of intellectual property (IP) can be confusing. IP is a broad category encompassing multiple components. So how do you learn more? The attorneys of the FH+H Trademark/Copyright/Trade Secret Law team are experienced with the components of IP and are available to assist, represent, and counsel clients. That is one way to learn more about IP.

Growth of Global Trade (Infographic)

Global Trade Keeps Growing

Communication fosters trade and business. Technology rapidly connects people which promotes businesses working and expanding all around the world. Unsurprisingly, as technology and communication has expanded, so has global trade. If you and your company need guidance in regards to international trade, FH+H’s International Trade + Transactions Practice Group is available.

The Companies That Apply for the Most Patents and Trademarks (Infographic)

The Stats Behind Patents

Patents and trademarks are necessary to protect intellectual property. That’s why thousands of applications are filed each year by various companies and industries. After each application, applicants must then endure a long wait before they receive their trademark. The already slow process can be even slower depending on the industry, but the wait is certainly worth it.

Every Country's Highest Valued Export (Infographic)

Mapping the World’s Prized Commodities

Different places have different people, cultures, and products. The products and how highly they are valued determine how that country interacts with the global economy and how it is traded. Regardless of the product’s value,  FH+H International Trade + Transactions Group works with clients to support businesses and transactions around the world.

The World of Import and Export (Infographic)

There are over billions of dollars’ worth of goods traded around the world. Where does all of the money go to? Check out the infographic presented by Visually to see the top exported commodities and a comparison of the import/export costs for each country.

Getting the Most Value from Mergers and Acquisitions (Infographic)

Making the Most from M&A

Business mergers and acquisitions can be complicated processes. With FH+H, they don’t have to be. FH+H is experienced in leading clients of all sectors and sizes through the steps of successful M&A’s. You can learn more about FH+H’s M&A services and successes here.

Check out this infographic from Gagen MacDonald for insight into getting the most value from business mergers and acquisitions.