Security Clearances and Investigations

FH+H attorneys are well versed in matters involving threatened or actual suspensions and revocations of federally issued security clearances, ranging from Public Trust to TS/SCI levels, both for government employees and private contractor employees who are required to hold such clearances.

Services + Solutions

Our Security Clearances and Investigations team can help clients:

  • Investigate and address matters involving potential security concerns in advance.
  • Assist law enforcement agents, intelligence personnel, and others in positions of high trust with security concerns and issues.
  • Respond to security clearance inquiries addressing all elements of conduct identified in the Security Clearance Adjudication Guidelines.
  • Present responses to clearance investigations.
  • Address personal conduct matters, foreign contacts, and suitability review issues.
  • Prepare and provide written and oral replies addressing the propriety of clearance-based actions.
  • Respond to and work with Security Investigators in the defense, law enforcement, cyber-security, and intelligence sectors of the government.
  • Appear before the Department of Justice, the Department of Hearing Appeals, and other units that address whether to grant, suspend, or revoke access to classified or secure material under the National Security Act.      
  • Address clearance concerns that involve other issues including personnel actions, whistleblower reprisal, and discrimination.

Experience + Capabilities

Our team has worked with a wide range of employees and officials in a number of federal agencies and has also represented numerous federal contractors and their employees, who faced scrutiny over security clearance matters.

  • The FH+H team has represented employees in the following agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, the US Marshal’s Service, the Department of Agriculture, the NSA, the Defense Mapping Agency, the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Army, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and more.
  • Our attorneys have handled allegations related to failures to disclose past conduct, including criminal conduct, alleged misrepresentations on security questionnaires, matters involving Personal Conduct, Substance Abuse, Foreign Contacts, and other issues covered by the Adjudication Guidelines used by the Federal Government in addressing access to secure and classified information.
  • FH+H has handled cases that have included allegations of espionage, fraud, misrepresentation, and conduct that raised questions as to whether access should be granted, suspended, or revoked.
  • FH+H has helped applicants and security clearance holders who have faced inquiries regarding financial, political, employment and family connection issues in the countries of Russia, China, Korea, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, France, Vietnam, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as applicants or holders who have issues related to such connections in other countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Successes + Clients

Note: Case results depend on a variety of unique factors, and do not guarantee or predict similar results for future cases.

  • FH+H successfully defended a federal employee facing a security clearance denial based on the employee allegedly failing to report prior alcohol-related incidents on their security questionnaire.
  • A retired Army Green Beret serving in the civil service faced job termination and loss of security clearance. FH+H stepped in and successfully negotiated a resolution that preserved the client’s security clearance.
  • FH+H attorneys helped a Justice Department employee reverse a clearance suspension, pointing out that the employee’s addiction was in remission.
  • FH+H successfully addressed the issues of a Taiwanese businesswoman whose clearance was suspended due to ties to her mother country.
  • FH+H assisted a law enforcement agent to preserve a clearance, following an alleged domestic violence issue raised during a contested divorce proceeding.
  • FH+H assisted an SES official with a substance abuse problem in addressing the issue and maintaining a clearance.

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