Economic Impact of Patent Lawsuits in the US (Infographic)

US Patent Litigation is Expensive, Unpredictable, and Exhausting

Patent litigation is when an inventor or other practicing entity owns a patent, and that patent is infringed upon by a third party. Patent litigation has become a huge problem by clogging the legal system with lawsuits some deem frivolous and forcing good companies to defend their innovations.

Types of U.S. Lawsuits (Infographic)

Our Legal System at a Glance

In today's society, lawsuits seem to be everywhere; There is one filed every two seconds in the United States. With so much legal activity taking place, you might wonder what types of lawyers see the most action and how much money is spent.

The following infographic from Infotainment News presents statistics about the types of lawsuits filed in the U.S.

Lawsuits in America (Infographic)

Sue-Happy America

Each year, 15 million civil cases are filed in the U.S. Unfortunately, many people are looking to come across a big paycheck, resulting in frivolous lawsuits. The website eLocal published the graphic below, taking a closer look at America’s obsession with lawsuits. 

The Dark Side of Success: Google in the Courtroom (Infographic)

Who Would Dare Take on Google?

Who knows more about you, Google or the Government? We are in the Information Age, and with a free flow of information comes advantages as well as compromises. Google can record you and your phone's every move with its location tracking site, but if you play by its rules, Google offers "blind spots" where you can easily hide from the public eye… How long that spot will be blind is another question.

FH+H Successfully Defends Local Business in Insurance Clawback

FH+H was contacted by a local business regarding a clawback request from an insurance company.  The term clawback, as used in this case, refers to money or benefits that have been given out, but sought to be returned due to special circumstances.

Jill F. Helwig, Esq.

Jill F. Helwig is Counsel with FH+H focusing primarily on litigation matters.  Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Helwig was associated with the New Jersey law firm of Tafaro & Flynn, PA where she specialized in professional liability defense.  During her tenure with the firm, Ms. Helwig gained significant experience in all phases of the litigation process defending physicians and hospitals in complex medical malpractice matters, appearing before both the trial and appellate courts in New Jersey. 

FH+H Team Helps Secure Justice for Servicemember in Pro Bono Case

An FH+H legal team recently secured a court judgment on behalf of a former service member who had been viciously assaulted in his own home while he was an active duty soldier.  Because the assailant failed to report for his criminal or civil court dates, FH+H was required to prove that the assailant had been afforded due process before default judgment was awarded.  FH+H provided the representation in association with a local law school’s legal clinic and supervised law students as part of the representation –which was provided to the veteran client free of charge.